about 7ctech

7CTECH comprises of experienced and creative designers and web developers. We focus on customer satisfaction to build a long term work relationship with our clients. As a web company, our prime focus is to offer flawless services over a longer period of time so that our customers can get maximum benefit. Our professionals realize the fact that customer satisfaction is the key to success. Web design, customer care features and innovative navigation attract the visitors to any website. Modern business depends mainly upon online platforms and business website is the most important tool to stay in touch with customers. 7CTECH offers excellent services at quite reasonable rates. We have kept in mind the limited resources of small businesses and this is why our web company offers such rates that are within the purchasing power of entrepreneurs. Our professionals believe in building credible relationship with clients. Our focus remains on satisfying the needs of our clients. We offer customized services to suit the specific industry and consumer trends. 7CTECH offers all web related services so there is no need to search for multiple service providers.


A close look at “Our Mission” reveals the importance of long term success of the business of our clients. We have an indirect approach to flourish 7CTECH. Our success is based upon the success of our clients. This is why our primary focus is to help the online business of our clients by offering different web services.

When we talk about website, options are limitless. There is no boundary for an expert web developer and designer. The margin for improvement and betterment motivates our professionals to do something different yet effective. The term “Difference” may reveal two meanings. One is “to be different from others” and the second is “to contain more aesthetic value and uniqueness”. Our professionals strive for the combination of aesthetics and uniqueness, yet not complicated.


Goodwill is the most important factors which contributes to the success of any business. 7CTECH is aware of this fact and this is why the professionals at this web company work with utmost devotion and motivation to build goodwill in the industry (not only in Pakistan but all over the world). Web development, digital graphic designing and mobile app development is flourishing each and every day with new challenges. There are thousands of companies offering similar services and this is why it is important for 7CTECH to make a mark through uniqueness, creativity, innovation and intellect and most importantly client satisfaction.

Our core values

7CTECH seeks for continuous improvement rather than perfection. Creativity, innovation and credibility are the prime factors in which 7CTECH believes. We focus on continuous success of the websites of our clients. “Temporary” and “Static” are the two things which we do not believe in. We help our client’s website, apps and online business to flourish steadily in order to compete in the market.

Core Values of Integrity
Our professionals realize the fact that business ethics and moral values determine the goodwill of any professional organization.
Client Satisfaction First
What is the best long term investment? 7CTECH believes that client satisfaction is the best form of long term investment.
Innovation and Intellect
Technology is advancing day by day and it requires both, innovation and intellect to compete in the global market.