Dedicated Teams (Full Department)
Project Based
Dedicated Resource (One or Many)

Dedicated Teams vs. Project Based vs. Dedicated Resource

Dedicated Team
Project Based
Dedicated Resource
You will get:A dedicated offshore staff or team of professionals who will work exclusively on your project 8 hours a day, 5 days a weekA team of professionals who will work on your requirements on per-project basisAn individual or more professionals who get hired by you, will work on project 8 hours a day, 5 days a week
How you pay:Pay per staff per monthPay per projectPay per resource per month
Recommended for:Augmenting a specific, creative or technical skill gap in your teamProjects that need both creative and technical expertiseLack of specific resource? Hire any individual resource
Dedicated Teams (Full Department)

Perhaps you want to grow your business quickly and do not want to go into the process of hiring the full team, and managing the complexities of team creation as well as making sure you have the full technical spectrum?

Perhaps you have the diverse needs? You need web development and you need some software developed for it too! But you may need all that for just 6 months or so. No one would like to create a full software department in house for this.

7CTECH has expert resources and technically advanced infrastructure. 7CTECH has diverse resources that can be “rented” or “bought” for a certain period or for “pay as you go”, indefinite time frame.

7CTECH has provided such service to the companies in many parts of the world for over decade. Effectively cutting the cost for our happy clients and making there business grow by heaps. 7CTECH’s dedicated teams are rally the best GROWTH HACK you can have.

Project Based

If you have a killer idea or a great startup thought lingering around in your mind for a long time? Or you want to have a nice mobile application for the online eCommerce that you have. But you have limited budget as well as you do not know the detailed technical aspect of how it gets executed.

Then you do not need to worry any more. 7CTECH offers end to end project based outsourcing services. We at 7CTECH believe that a project dose not only depend on creating what is asked for rather we believe in creating and taking proud in success. We at 7CTECH believe that any project trusted in us completes when it is a success in terms of achieving the goals for which our clients start/conceptualize there projects and products.

End-to-end project based development services of 7CETCH can be the best way to create you next great idea from just an idea to a reality. We will develop it, nourish it and stay beside you until the full maturity of your idea to a stagring success.

Dedicated Resource (One or Many)

If you have a killer technical team in place and your in-house needs are being taken care of properly, but you still want to grow farther without moving to a new office  and investing highly in hiring new developers, designers and software analysts, then 7CTECH dedicated resources service is the one for you.

You can pick and choose from a list of highly skilled resources for web development, web designing, mobile app development, Ionic framework, angularJS, NodeJS , PHP developers and Dot.Net developers as per your needs.

Our dedicated resources are skilled in Agile and team based development systems. We believe that our clients should not be compelled to hire expensive in-house developers and designers for expansion.

In the current world economy hiring every single technical and highly skilled resource in house is not a good idea probably. In today’s global village you can pick and chose from the big list of resources that can corporate and coordinate on the internet with help of Agile team management tools and accomplish great results.

Outsource your web designing and development needs to 7CTECH and significantly improve your profit.

7CTECH have quality web designers and developers well versed in latest technologies and trends working under very experienced and understanding project managers.

Why outsource to 7CTECH?

  • Cost effective due to low development cost.
  • Deep attention to details.
  • Excellent communication architecture.
  • SEO friendly (On-page SEO)
  • Mobile friendly (Responsive)
  • Fresh design (Creativity)

Overview of services:

7CTECH have dedicated teams and individual resources offering following services.

WordPress: One of the MOST used Off the shelf CMS. 7CTECH have experts who can work on WordPress development and management to deep expertise.

AngulerJS: One or the upcoming modern platforms for the front end development. Making the development of dynamic front ends and responsive behavior a fun job.

NodeJS: Upcoming technology for creating very time sensitive and powerful web based APIs as well as web applications.

Custom HTML: 7TECH has a huge list of great HTML platforms developed for many clients as well as we take proud in a big store designed and developed by our highly motivated front end and UX developers.

PSD designing: After so many years PSD templates are still proving to be a main platform for the front end designing, not only for the web but also mobile applications and web applications.

eCommerce Development is one of the most expensive services offered in USA, Australia, Europe and UAE. If you are a digital agency or an individual looking to get there business fully online with an online eCommerce store, then contact 7CTECH now and get the best ROI. We not only develop the eCommerce solutions but also look after the final delivery until it is reached to maturity and starts making real ROI.

Following are the services offered by 7CTECH in context of eCommerce solutions.


One of the most used eCommerce solution, and one of the most powerful as well! Magneto offers a extremely long list of options and features that can cover any kind of requirement that you may have.

Custom eCommerce:

You may have the need for a B2B solution? Or you may need a customized solution? Go ahead and contact 7CTECH right away. We can create and deliver any kind of service that you may need.

POS Integration:

7CTECH have integrated different POS as well as ERP solution with there many different eCommerce solutions. As in today’s world there is a shear need for connection in-store POS systems or inventory management of the ERP solutions with the online eCommerce solutions. This will not only make your online store more realistic but also make inventory management easy across all your systems .


Best solution for small businesses and is based on one of the most used CMS in the world WordPress.

Other Systems:

7CTECH also offers eCommerce development in other platforms like Shopify, OpenCart, PrestaShop and many more.

If you have need for any of these please don’t hesitate and contact now.

One of the main expertise of 7CTECH is Customized Web Based Solutions Development.

You may be a business that is looking to automate any of it’s BPO or you are a digital agency/software house that wants to develop a customized business solution for a certain agency, If so then 7CTECH is the best bet for you .

We have developed:

  • B2B Services Listing System (BeopaarHub)
  • Local Craftsmen Services Listing
  • Customized and as per requirements Lead Management System.
  • Child Security and School Management System.
  • Economical Management Systems
  • Laboratory Report Cloud System
  • Medical Lab Management System
  • Supply Chain System

In today’s world no business is complete without a proper Mobile Application for offering there services.

Mobile Applications not only create an environment for selling your services but it also brings all your services and products right at the finger tips of your end customer.

7CTECH have mastered the art of creating mobile applications that offer the best of both worlds. Namely cost effectiveness and functionality.

Following are the frameworks/Platforms that we offer Mobile Development services on.
Ionic – Cordova – Responsive and Hybrid Apps:

With the convergence of technology to generalized standards it is high-time that businesses understand and adapt the magic of hybrid applications.

Hybrid Application solutions from 7CTECH offer you great flexibility and cost effectiveness for getting your idea off the ground.

The hybrid app development department at 7CTECH is full of Quality and Speed Junkies. They will never settle for anything less then the best of the best.

Native Mobile Application Development: (iOS and Android)

With the advent of powerful hybrid technologies there seems to be less need for native Development. But 7CTECH understands the need of highly specialized and targeted solution. Often times companies and startups would need very targeted and highly specialized services to be offered in mobile applications and some times these things are not optimal to do with hybrid platforms. For example graphics intensive applications are best written in native technologies and targeted platforms.

We at 7CTECH believe that each client has unique needs and requirements should be monitored and studied before suggesting a solution.

If you have any idea or need about mobile based solution then please do not hesitate to get free consultation and tell us more about your wish list. We would love to listen and suggest best solutions possible.

If you are in business of collecting data from online resources or automating any of your business process then 7CTECH is the best partner you can get.

For last 10 years 7CTECH has worked on scraping and analyzing huge quantities for different clients.

We offer:

  • Data Scrapers
  • Data Mining Systems
  • Text Mining Solutions
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Purchasing and Selling Bots
  • API integrations
  • Process Automation

It is soon to be time that many of the manual labor jobs are replaced by the AI (Artificial Intelligence). As scary as it may seem this is the unavoidable outcome of the technology growth that is happening now a days. 7CTECH understands that! And we offer best possible Python based AI and deep learning solutions .

We offer:

  • TensorFlow Based Solutions
  • AI Bots
  • AI Chatting Systems.
  • Non-Invasive Client Servicing Bots.