Welcome to the Era of Web Applications! (Demo)

1- Little Background:

It has been said and known for a long time now that technology is moving towards a singularity. Well technology as whole may happen in this century but convergence towards uniform technologies is happening rapidly.

After the technological explosion in 90s many different technologies, standards and frameworks started to come up. Some got absolute rather quickly while others did stick around and evolve. Evolution of Microsoft DLL to .net libraries and VB classic to VB.net etc is a very prominent example.

2-UX Fragmentation:

Another venue of this evolution era was/is the user presentation. With the advent of handheld devices like phones, PDA and tablets whole user interface presentation took a wild turn and suddenly there were many different displays and many different ways to present with as much different technologies.
To add the complexity these interfaces started getting dependent on closed technologies like IOs where one had to work on Objective C only and windows phone devices where you need to work with Microsoft provided tools.

Advent of Android based devices particularly diversified the whole paradigm with many sizes and resolutions running on many different hardware. As much as this helped the industry to move forward and revolutionized how we use the different devices in our daily life it also added more fragmentation in already very fragmented UX verity.

3-Back to Generalization:

As it has been the benchmark of technological advancement, generalization and standardization of technology demonstrate how mature it has been. Need for a generalized UX development has been felt through out the information technology industry more and more as era of internet of things approaches.

To combat this growing need what google introduces in Android is the capability of having different images and content for different kind of interfaces (hd,xhd etc) inside a single application. Similar approach can be seen in IOS platform as well. But this also proved to be not enough. Creating a website/web-interface and different mobile applications to provide same content to users is just not efficient enough and asking a Mobile phone, tablet or phablet user to open the browser every now and then is not quite helpful as well. Here comes the responsive, adoptable web applications.

4- Welcome to the era of web-applications!

With the advancement of web-views, web-tool- kits in all three major mobile operating systems, Android, IOS, Windows phone, creating interactive and adoptable web applications is a reality. Rather than creating many different applications and a web interface to present same functionality as well as similar content around the spectrum now it is more efficient to work on web application interface and create it more adaptable and responsive. Hand held devices are more and more powerful by every passing day. Since there are devices with even 4GB ram and powerful octa-core processors (Samsung Galaxy s7 edge) processing power and handling responsive tools like media query should not be an issue any more. Also the web-kits in all major platforms are so mature and strong now that they can easily communicate with the device hardware and hence making interactive web applications is even easier. Nowadays more and more SAS (software as a service) are coming in the industry with responsive and interactive web-interfaces. One may say that need to open the browser every now and then is still an issue! Well we can easily make web-containers for this need that can be downloaded and installed from the app stores and can be custom built for the need of the web application they are going to hold. It is now a high time that Software houses and media houses suggest there customers to spend more intelligently and invest into rather attractive and responsive web applications then investing in many native applications for many platforms. While creating a web-application adopter (an install-able native application with just a webview inside and some custom code to provide hardware level communication to web-application loaded).

It is now evident that big giants like Google and Apple are moving towards the generalized JavaScript like coding techniques (Swift, Anguler.js , Node.js). Which will lead us sooner than later towards technological convergence between mobile and desktop based web applications.

At 7ctech we offer just that and try to guide our customers in the best possible way we can. Come over and give your comments about what is your view on this new paradigm.

Written by

Naveed Ahmed

CEO, Business Analyst, Entrepreneur
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